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Overcome Suicide
Today, there are very many people who commit suicide. There is a very high number of those who die by suicide each year. In the US, the prevalence is at one death for every 12 minutes. For the past 15 years, the tendencies to commit coincide has increased by 30 percent. For this reason, suicide is now seen as a health crisis.
When you lose a loved one, it is not a pleasant thing. This is a complex situation since grievers are dealing with more than one problem. Grievers are dealing with more than grief since they are also dealing with trauma. They have to deal with these two sad realities. It is normal to grieve when you lose someone. With suicide however, there is trauma. The cycle of processing suicide is never easy. There are not many people who are able to fully get peace and happiness after undergoing such a thing.
There are many types of emotions that come when people are in the grieving process. Apart from it possibly being pain and anguish, it can also be shame and guilt of a survivor. The people who lose a loved one will always blame themselves and feel at fault. They wonder why could not see that coming. They ask themselves why they didnt act to prevent it view here!. This results to feelings of guilt since they didnt prevent it see homepage. They feel that this is indicative of a deep-seated problem in their family and refrain from talking about it. They will seek to avoid talking about this shame.
The situation is very complex since if it was murder, rage would be directed to the murderer. In this complex situation, the one who killed is your loved one. This is the reason as to why you will find yourself raging against them and grieving them at the same time. You will find that you end up with confliction and exhaustion at the same time. Indeed, the anger is normal but it needs to be checked so that it doesnt turn to be more destructive.
When suicide strikes, do not try to ask questions that will take the person to the situating. They may evoke feelings that you are not able to address.
There are very many people who are touched by suicide. Indeed, it is not possible for many people to think about the prevalence of suicide until it happens to them. People will feel alone when it happens and will be frustrated. It is needful to make it known to them that other people have braved the situation with victory waiting at the end f the tunnel.
The middle aged are the ones who are the biggest culprits in suicide.